HSAA Parents

Family of HSAA Athletes, below are some common questions on how to order school pictures. Please read through this page to answer any questions you might have. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you again this year!


How can I book a personal session for my family?

To learn more about Dana Heckler Photography, visit my site at danahecklerphotography.com.  You can also contact me at hello@danahecklerphotography.com for any questions.

How do I find my pictures?

Click here and scroll to find your child’s gallery. 



When will orders be processed?

Orders will be processed on October 1. Starting October 2, you will only be able to order digital downloads...so order soon!

Can I substitute sizes or “make a deal”?

Because of our relationship with HSAA, the packages and prices we offer are already significantly discounted. Because of this, we are not able to reduce costs any further. The process for ordering packages is listed at the bottom of this page.

How will I get digital images?

If you pay online, you will receive a link (both on screen and via email after checking out). This link will allow you to immediately download your images. If you choose to pay offline (via check or cash), we will deliver your images on CD to Bear Valley Academy.



A la Carte prices:

Digital Download

Per Image – $10

Individual Print Prices:

8 Minis  $6

8 Wallets –  $8

4×6  $6

5×7 –  $8

8×10  $12

11×14 – $18


Package Prices

You may mix and match different poses to create packages (instructions below pricing table)


Mini Package
8 - Mini's (1.75x2.5)
1 - 4x6
1 - 5x7
1 - 8x10
(Save $2!)
Parent's Package
8 - Wallets
2 - 4x6
2 - 5x7
2 - 8x10
(Save $10!)
Mega Package
16 - Mini's (1.75x2.5)
16 - Wallets
2 - 4x6
2 - 5x7
2 - 8x10
(Save $20!)

How to Order a Package:

1. Go into your gallery and select the PACKAGES icon, under the gallery name and above the pictures.

2. When the packages menu pops up, select the package you want and click “add to cart”.

3. After adding the package to your cart, go into your gallery and click on an image you would like to order as part of your package. Select “Assign this image to your package” and you will be given options for which available sizes in that package. add to package icon

4. Once all your images are ordered, select “Cart’ on the side menu and proceed to checking out.